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    • Can Islam be Cool? Emerging Islamic Consumer Culture 

      Górak-Sosnowska, Katarzyna (2012)
      In the paper the author challenges the stereotypical image of Islamic culture as being repressive and hostile to consumerism. Using variety of examples, the author describes the multifold process of consumer culture ...
    • Startup as Type of Enterprise Within the Debate on the Capitalism in Poland 

      Andrejczuk, Magdalena; Jałukowicz, Tomasz (2015)
      In recent years we have seen many signs of growing interest of ‚startups’ all over the world and in Poland as well as a growing number of new businesses, named ‚startup’, which is business ventures, operating in the broad ...
    • Sociology of housing in Poland - genesis, development and future prospects 

      Cesarski, Maciej (2015)
      The sociology of housing is understood by the author of the paper as a science concerning the social dynamics relevant in housing, living and inhabited space context. The goal of the paper is to remind the role of Polish ...