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    • Payment bottlenecks in the European Union and in Poland 

      Masiukiewicz, Piotr; Dec, Paweł (Wydawnictwo Naukowe Wydziału Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 2014)
      The authors set themselves the goal of developing new instruments of deactivation payment blockades, the number of which has increased significantly in the Union in recent years European Union. Therefore, the theoretical ...
    • Solving the Cost Crisis In Healthcare – can Poland Learn from the Kaplan and Porter’s Model? 

      Raulinajtys-Grzybek, Monika; Świderska, Gertruda Krystyna (2017)
      Recent publications by authors of Activity-Based Costing indicate that the cost analysis of the cycle of care is essential to reduce the growth in healthcare spending. Analysis of current situation in Poland reveals that ...