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    • Gospodarka Narodowa - Gospodarka Planowa - Gospodarka Narodowa 

      Jarosz-Nojszewska, Anna (2011)
      The article examines the origins of Gospodarka Narodowa and the magazine’s evolution from 1931 to 2011. The author analyzes press reports and archival materials to trace the publication’s history over the past 80 ...
    • Józef Maria Poniatowski i „Gospodarka Narodowa” 

      Jarosz-Nojszewska, Anna (2011-05)
      The author discusses the socioeconomic views of onetime Polish economist and military leader Józef Maria Poniatowski (1897-1995) and his ties to Gospodarka Narodowa (National Economy) magazine, which was published every ...
    • Józef Krzyczkowski i Zespół Społeczno-Narodowy 

      Jarosz-Nojszewska, Anna (2011-11)
      The article reflects on the life and work of economist and politician Józef Krzyczkowski (1901-1989), with a special focus on his ties with organizations such as the National Economy Club and the Social National Club. ...