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dc.contributor.authorAntoszewski, Michał
dc.contributor.authorBoratyński, Jakub
dc.contributor.authorZachłod-Jelec, Magdalena
dc.contributor.authorWójtowicz, Krzysztof
dc.contributor.authorCygler, Maciej
dc.contributor.authorJeszke, Robert
dc.contributor.authorPyrka, Maciej
dc.contributor.authorSikora, Przemysław
dc.contributor.authorGąska, Jan
dc.contributor.authorJorgensen, Erika
dc.contributor.authorKąsek, Leszek
dc.contributor.authorMalarski, Ryszard
dc.contributor.authorRabiega, Wojciech
dc.identifier.citationAntoszewski M., Boratyński J., Zachłod-Jelec M., Wójtowicz K., Cygler M., Jeszke R., Pyrka P., Sikora P., Gąska J., Jorgensen E., Kąsek L., Malarski R., Rabiega W., CGE model PLACE, "MF Working Paper Series", 2015, nr 22, s.1-56en
dc.description.abstractPLACE is a static multi-region, multi-sector computable general equilibrium (CGE) model designed to assess the economic impact of energy and climate policies. Policies are typically analyzed using a comparative static approach, in which a situation with policy interference is compared to a situation without policy interference (often termed "baseline" or "business-as-usual"). Based on general equilibrium theory, PLACE incorporates micro-economic mechanisms within a comprehensive macro-economic framework, which distinguishes it from other large-scale economic models such as multivariate econometric models and input output analysis. The particular strengths of the CGE approach is the scope for quantifying distributional impacts of policies and the ability to reflect complex sectoral adjustments. This document constitutes technical documentation of the PLACE model and aims to present the underlying algebra and data sources that were used at different stages during the model's development.en
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Międzynarodowe*
dc.subjectcomputable general equilibrium modelen
dc.subjectbaseline scenarioen
dc.titleCGE model PLACEen
dc.contributor.organizationMinistry of Finance, National Centre for Emisions Management, World Banken
dc.description.seriesMF Working Paper Seriesen
dc.title.journalMF Working Paper Seriesen

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Międzynarodowe
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