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    • Methods of increasing bank capital effectiveness – part 1 

      Cicirko, Tomasz (2009-10)
      One of the goals of every rationally working enterprise, including a bank, is making the most effective use of the capital at its disposal. Bearing in mind that capital becomes a limited resource for banks and at the ...
    • Methods of Increasing Bank Capital Effectiveness – part 2 

      Cicirko, Tomasz (2012-06)
      The present study continues the author’s deliberations on commercial bank capital management. These deliberations are included in the series of three closely related articles. This article is second part of serie. The ...
    • Methods of Increasing Bank Capital Effectiveness – part 3 

      Cicirko, Tomasz (2012-09)
      A series of publications have proposed numerous solutions in order to reduce the undesired impact of capital effectiveness measures on the capital adequacy. They also present individual effectiveness measuring tools which ...